District of Berlin – Customised Maps for Berlin

National map series at a scale of 1:5’000, based on ALK: The administration of the City of Berlin is divided into 12 district offices. The majority of these offices use OCAD to produce the map of Berlin at a scale of 1:5000 (K5) as well as for district and customised maps. 

District Office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg of Berlin

Jübermans Kartographie – Water Sports Maps

Jübermann Publishers is specialized in the production of hydrographic maps for water sports enthusiasts. Their maps, with a scale of 1:100’000 and higher, are completely verified with regard to the features of water or alternatively the water sports found there.

Jübermann-Kartographie u. Verlag

MeKi Landkarten GmbH – Cycling Maps, Maps and Atlases

The MeKi Landkarten GmbH creates a variety of maps. The cycling maps have been developed “by cyclists for cyclists” and are mainly in the scale 1:30’000. Moreover, they create maps, city atlases and other cartographic products.

MeKi Landkarten GmbH

Institute of Cartography Dresden – High Mountain Maps

The Institute of Cartography of the Technical University of Dresden in collaboration with Trekkingchile produced the topographic hiking map San Pedro de Atacama (Chile).
Institut für Kartographie TU Dresden

IGN France – Updating of Topographic Maps

Even today, many topographic maps are only available in raster format. OCAD provides a simple procedure to constantly transform raster maps into vector maps.

Institut Geographique National (IGN)

Geotopo – Deployment Plans for Fire Brigades With “Firebird”

The program “firebird” is for professional and standardised recording and management of all data having to do with fire objects and their danger in practice. In particular, it contains tools for assessment sheets, location drawings, detailed plans, directions, and water transport with pressure calculations.


Orienteering Maps – The Origin of OCAD

When orienteering competitions first took place, the customary topographic maps were sufficient for organising orienteering events. Beginning in the sixties, the existing map series were updated in order to represent the terrain in more detail.